American rapper Vince Staples released his second studio album Big Fish Theory (2017) on Friday, June 23.

The album is an interlude of singles that reflect what the “Norf Norf” rapper is known for: high-quality vocality, dropping basses, jumping elements, and an emotive attitude.

His seventh song off the album, “Yeah Right”, is a collaboration piece that takes the cake. With an intensely backed up lineup of music magicians – Flume, Kendrick Lamar, Kučka, and SOPHIE – the single is actually not so single.

This song is repetitive lyrically, with a constant “boy yeah right yeah right yeah right” wailing in the first verses. However, it does change up when the other featured artists fall into the track. A minute or so in, we hear Kučka’s soft voice and Kendrick Lamar’s mad lyrics completely takeover.

With Staples’ hazy tone, Kučka’s eerie vocals, Flume and SOPHIE’s unconventional production, and Lamar’s accredited articulation, it makes for a great hype song altogether.