Jacqueline (Jackie) Reed is an entertainment writer, coffee connoisseur, and music junkie. She is also a full time communications student at George Mason University. On campus, she currently hosts interviews with local/independent musicians for WGMU Radio and runs social media campaigns for Social Action & Integrative Learning. Currently located in the D.C. area, she plans on writing in public relations, marketing, and music media platforms.


See her professional profile on Linkedin. Also follow her on Spotify, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.



Jackie has served as a show producer at WGMU. She has grown as a broadcaster in her many semesters at George Mason. I admire Jackie’s discipline in desiring to produce quality broadcasts. She is a diligent, hard worker. I admire this quality in her. She works well with staff as well. Jackie is quite the excellent student and employee!

Rodger Smith, Faculty Advisor at WGMU Radio


I have known Jacqueline personally for the last two years. In all the time I have known Ms. Reed for the last two years. In this time she has always exhibited a great deal of commitment and integrity to the various roles with which she has found herself. Each undertaking she has been apart of has had her unwavering dedication and focus. From a personal standpoint she can be best described as honest, trustworthy, responsible, and loyal. Ms. Reed has a strong work ethic and an extremely positive disposition. These things in collaboration make her an exemplary person to work with and be around. There is no doubt in my mind that whatever position she finds herself in will be one where she will give her upmost at all times.

William Acevedo, Intern at Office of Congressman Elliot Engel


Jacqueline is a Peer Mentor in one of George Mason’s Living Learning Communities, where she has consistently demonstrated phenomenal leadership and interpersonal skills. She is an emotionally competent student who understands how to authentically engage with others in order to help them connect with their interests and passions at Mason. On our team of 14 Peer Mentors, Jacqueline is one of our most mature and productive members. She would be a positive addition to any team.

Kevin Stoy, Director of External Partnerships for the Honors College at George Mason University